Thursday, June 01, 2006

Winding down

I started this blog as a way of keeping friends informed over the next month or so of my whereabouts and what will be going on in my life. It is difficult to keep up with friends now that I have 3 little monkeys running around the house all of the time. Still, I wouldn't trade in these crazy days for the early ones of sleep deprivation and putting my underpants on inside out for anything in the world, but there is something to be said for children who stay in one spot for hours at a time.

We visited one of DRMs little friends tonight...maybe for the last time. I have HATED living in FL, but there is always something bittersweet about the end days when you know you are finally leaving and have to say goodbye to friends that you've made along the way. I try not to get too attached but sometimes it happens without my consent. 3 weeks until we move.

SJM found us a house in CA this week and will be on his way home tonight. 4 br, den, living room with fireplace, pool, and large kitchen. I asked mainly for 4 br and a large kitchen. I have been so tired of running out to the garage and lugging in my Kitchen Aid (mixer) every time I want to bake. I usually end up mixing by hand because it is just too heavy for me to keep moving back and forth. Not to mention the fact that the Georgie (Foreman) is in our dining room on the floor in front of the grandfather clock and the bread machine is on the floor beside the grandfather clock...oh...and the crockpot is there, too, this week. UGH. Very psyched that the microwave in the new house is above the stove like in Iceland, and it will not be taking up precious counter space. I have learned in the last 2 years that I really LOVE to cook when someone else is watching the kids and I don't have to stress over doing it all alone.

The house is back on the market again as if I don't have enough stress with preparing for a move, now I have to try to keep the house somewhat put together and not looking like 3 little kids live here. Yes, it will good to start new very soon!!!

Temps in the 90s today with very high humidity. We finally had rain around 3pm but it was only for 30 minutes give or take a few, so I'm sure the ground is dry already.

I'm heading out to walk the dog and then will be starting in on Dr Zhivago. Till next time. Bless bless.

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Elida Vilardebo said...

Glad to know that you will miss us. We will miss you too. Delaney was one of Clark's very first friends. We can just blog each other for now.