Sunday, August 09, 2009

Review of the past two weeks

My husband is finally finished with his job on the USS Harry S. Truman. No more sea duty for us! He has been at home on vacation for the past two weeks. Most of the first week we spent in Fredericksburg at the KOA campground. While there, we spent two days at Kings Dominion (theme park) and part of one day at IKEA. The kids LOVED Kings Dominion, even though the twins were too short for many of the rides. They are hoping to grow 4 inches this year but I don't think that will happen!

This past week was spent doing things around the house. I had some doctor appointments and tests. Dena (the cat) saw a dermatologist earlier in the week. Her paw is finally healed! We are still doing one final experiment (steroid shot) to see if the infection will flame up again in a few weeks but we are hoping it won't and that the paw issues are finished. Now to get her poop back to normal! Yesterday, we had a very successful yard sale. I still have a few things to find new homes for but we managed to get rid of all of our "large plastic objects" and the old pool so I am happy about that.

A few photos of the past weeks:

At the beginning of the park

The view from the "Eiffel Tower"

Meeting Scooby Doo!

Old car in the park, pretty cool! (My dad would like this area of the park)

At the top of the ferris wheel

Paddling around the campground pond

Paddling around the campground pond

Steve and the kids did some geocaching on the way home - I sat in the car and knitted! No way I was tromping through poison ivy, weeds, snakes, and bugs!

This is my "Josy" shawl. It is still a work-in-progress and being made with some beautiful yarn Anne Lise sent me from Norway.

My "Winterbild" socks are FINISHED! I love the patterned yarn like this.


Laura said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy travelers!

The sock looks wonderful.

SaRi said...

Sounds like a fun program. The colors of the sock are very lovely. How large will the shawl going to be?