Monday, March 02, 2009


It's about time! We have approximately 1" now and it is still falling...schools are operating on a 2-hour delay, which is surprising since the canceled school all-together with no snow a few weeks ago. It doesn't matter much in this household since Delaney is running a fever (103 last night - 101 currently) and isn't going to school anyway. So much for her year of perfect attendance. (I'm not really upset, I'm proud of her for making it this far with no missed days) I'm very sad for her today since she will not be able to go play outside. It's gonna kill her when the twins go out later.

As close as she'll get to it today.

Delaney lost her 6th tooth two nights ago!


Rose said...

39 years young! A belated Happy Birthday, Shannon. Sorry to be so delinquent. Will the excuse that we've been playing in the snow work? You got some delightful presents, and that cake looks yummy! John got Yiddish Policemans Union for Christmas, and although we haven't read it yet the reviews are great; it sounds like lots of fun. Let us know what you think of it...

FrkSnupp said...

You finally got your snow. ours has rained away, fortunately =) have a great weekend, that Hawaii-yarn looks lovely. I´m having a quiet weekend with Mom, she´s been in Kenya for the last three weeks and are now back, so we´re going to have a girls´night and chat a whole lot. Now off for some much needed spinning!