Monday, February 09, 2009

Lots of photos

Not much writing today but lots and lots of photos for you. Steven and Delaney went to their first Father/Daugher dance sponsored by the Girl Scouts on Friday night. Delaney had a birthday party to go to on Saturday so we stayed home most of the day. All of Sunday was spent geocaching at a beautiful place called "First Landing State Park" in Virginia Beach.

I've got all of the ends woven in for the scarf and will block it tomorrow. I just cast on for a second BSJ...this one in yellow as the gender of the expected baby is unknown. Ashley came by earlier with some red alpaca and I'm going to make another Amanda hat out of that. I love my green hat. I'm pretty sure I will keep the red one for myself, too. I'm greedy like that. She also gave me a skein of Austermann Step in turquoise/gray so I'm looking forward to making up some socks with that. Fun, fun.

Here are photos from Friday night:

Before the dance



Delaney was the winner of this basket full of candy and movie passes!

First Landing State Park

Beginning our hike, checking out the bridge

View from the bridge: swampland!

Map of trails

William is the leader today

View from the trail

Frog cache container

Tinna playing with Spanish Moss

Snack time

Beautiful Wood Duck (click on this one to view full size - he is truly gorgeous)

Delaney testing the water with her toes and the Wood Duck in the background. I think it wanted to be kept getting closer and closer to us.

Swamp land turned grass land (still very wet but not as drastic as the swamp land at the beginning of the hike)

After hiking the kids wanted to go to the beach. Delaney, of course, wanted to swim. We all just stuck our toes in instead.

Family photo on a perfect day.

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Laura said...

What great pictures! I love First Landing so much. I like to do my long runs on the Cape Henry trail.