Sunday, December 07, 2008


Which is just how I'm feeling lately. Blech. I have had no motivation to write, which is why I haven't updated this blog since last Wednesday. Steven was away all of last week so it was just me and the kids. The most exciting thing of the week was on Thursday when Tinna woke up with a rash all over her tummy. So we had to go to the doctor that afternoon to be sure it wasn't contagious. (It wasn't.) We had a 1 1/2 hour wait at the doctor's office and I'm heading over to the TriCare office this week to change their doctor. That is absolutely ridiculous and I'm just tired of it. I should have taken Ashley's advice a year ago and switched their doctor then, but I didn't because I always hope things will improve. Obvioulsy, it won't and I'm just done with the new doctors for all of us now.

Speaking of Ashley...she has opened an Etsy shop called EleLove Creations! She is knitting up very cute stethoscope cozies, among other nice items. A perfect gift if you know a doctor or nurse! Congratulations, Ash!!!

I am knitting up a "Baby Surprise Jacket", pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It's coming along well. I know a total of 3 pregnant women right now and will attempt to make one of these for each expected baby. Gosh, there's always so much to knit and never enough time to get it all done! I wish I could just suspend the world and the kids for a day or two while I get caught up.

Here's mine so far:

Let's see, what else to tell you...Friday night I went out to Mary's farm to wander (wonder!) around her studio (checkbook in hand) and spin with some very nice ladies. I was able to see two of the women from my spinning class and it was great to catch up with them. I bought just 2 skeins of a beautiful little grey/silver yarn. But now I'm thinking I should pick up a few more skeins...just in case I need extra for the project I have in mind. Will post more about that after it happens.

Last night I went with Ashley and our friend Trish (also Delaney's bus driver) to the Yarn For Breakfast Christmas party. Another nice group of women. YFB usually meets once a month on Saturday mornings. I tend not to go because I like to be home with the kids and Steven on the week-ends or we are usually out running around somewhere. At any rate, I might try to make more of an effort to go now that I've met a few of the women. All in all it was a great night. I always have fun when I get together with Ash and Trish anyway!

Steven picked up the TrailManor yesterday. Brought it home and set it up while I was gone. Apparently the kids had a great time checking it all out. We are very excited for warmer days so we can start travelling around and seeing new places!

Today: Delaney has her first piano recital. She will play "Silent Night" as a duo with her instructor. I think she is more excited to wear her pretty new dress than she is to actually play piano for an audience!

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FrkSnupp said...

You´re not the only blech writing, no studying. But knitting! Hope your weekend was good though. If you need some good music to get that Christmas feeling, I can recommend James Taylor´s Christmas album (can´t remember the name)....