Friday, November 07, 2008

Why do they do these things???

Delaney got off the bus very upset yesterday afternoon. I asked her what was wrong and she said "My star fell at school and I wasn't even allowed to move it back to twinkling star!" (translation: she did something REALLY bad) In horror, I asked her what she did to have to move her star. She wouldn't tell me, she only replied, "Look in my homework folder. There's a note from my teacher." and hung her head. Ugh. When we got inside, I read the note...

Dear Mrs.M,

Today at school Delaney cut another child's hair. Please have a discussion with her about this behavior.

Mrs. C

Oh, holy crap. CUT ANOTHER CHILD'S HAIR?!?! This child and scissors just do not get along. Delaney Scissorhands. She has cut her own hair no less than three times and her sister's hair twice. William is the only one who has escaped her wrath so far.

I cannot begin to tell you how pissed I was at her. She got mad because I told her father and then proceeded to do MORE naughty things! (like scribbling on my dining room table with crayon while she was supposed to be doing homework!) ARRGH!!! We ended up the day with her crying and going to bed at 6:45. Our punishment is that she is never going to talk to us again. Her punishment is no Wii, no TV, no video games, no FUN for a week. We will re-evaluate her behaviour on Monday and decide at that point if she has earned back a Tuesday playdate (she's off school that day). Also, she must be in bed at 7pm for the next week. Needless to say, this is why she is hating us so much right now!


Laura said...

oh my goodness! I hope things get better around the house soon and that there's no more (non-mom-approved) hair-cutting!

Sunflower Farm said...

Sorry but that is funny I hope she becomes a hairdresser. Kids tend to make us pull our hair out but at the same time they sure do make us smile.