Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to the newest member of the family!

Our 2009 Trail Manor 2720 travel trailer!

We've been thinking about one of these since we saw Karen and Craig's Jayco in York over Labor Day. Most of the trailers on the market are too heavy to be pulled by our van...but this one, a pop-up with hard shell is just right! Being the end of the year, we got an AWESOME deal on it as the dealer wanted to move it to make room on his lot for newer models. The only down side to getting it in December is that it is COLD outside! We won't be doing any camping until the temps come up a bit, I'm afraid. Anyway, it's pretty neat...our own little "Transformer"...everything inside folds down...the bathroom walls, the wardrobe, the cushions on the couch, etc. There is a full bath (you can't see the shower in these photos), a queen bed, and a double bed. The thing has heat/ac/stereo/tv antenna/satellite hook-up and even an outdoor shower so you can rinse sand off your feet or what-have-you. Our sweet little home away from home!

Here are a few photos of the inside:

We went out for about an hour this afternoon looking for geocaches (we only took clues - no GPS yet - Santa is supposed to be giving us some money for Christmas so that is what we plan to buy with it!). Didn't find any caches but we did run into a Letterbox. Of course we couldn't stamp it because our stamp is still not made!!! It reassured me, seeing this person's stamp, that I don't have to be an artist...I just need something to get the job done. So, that will be the goal this week. Oh, and no, the GPS in our car will not take coordinates and the battery is wonky so it shuts off when it is removed from the power source.

I'm working on one final knit for the holidays. Hoping to get it finished up this week so I can take it to PA with me and give it in person. If that happens, I'll make a post about it after Thanksgiving.

Below are a few other photos. They are a bit out of order, for some reason Blogger is posting photos opposite of how they are uploaded. It is quite frustrating and I struggle to think "OK, I want this one to be first, second, third" and they never come up the way I want them to!

Delaney's Hogwarts leg warmies are finished! They are a bit longer than I expected but she seems to like them.

The Letterbox we found.

Can you see the Letterbox in this photo?

Playing at a park today.

Tinna during the Penn State game last night with my scarf that I've had since I was about 10 years old.

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Aunt Lori said...

YOU GO TINNA!!! Start saving your money Mom and Dad! Happy Valley, here she comes! Woohoooo!