Saturday, November 01, 2008

Great Halloween!

It was a good one, despite us having colds. We went through our neighborhood (some neighbors brought the kids candy because they weren't going to be home) and then met up with Ash, Patrick, Evan and Akemi and went through a bigger neighborhood.

Photos are on Flickr.

Today: who knows? The kids are already working on their candy haul. (9:30 am) Steven is starting to take down the least the ones in our front room so I have some light in there again. Yay!!! I've also decided that since our FROG is organized again, I would like to move my exercise bike up there. I haven't been riding it because it's in a different spot in the bedroom (when Steven was deployed it beside his side of the bed and now it's in a corner) and I have to constantly shift it when I want to ride's easier to just hang clothes on it. At least if it goes upstairs it will be in front of a tv and in a room with lots of light. I need some new inspiration!

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