Thursday, October 30, 2008

You know it's a holiday when...

Three out of five family members are ill! Happy Halloween! Me, Steven, and Tinna have colds. Delaney says she feels stuffy. I'm trying to force her to hold out so we can make it for Trick-or-Treating tomorrow night. I dont' know if we can pull this one off!

My dad and Kathy were here yesterday and gone this afternoon. Quick visit. Dad needed to get some tools and they brought a chair and more of my "stuff" to sort through. The best find so far are these glasses from 1982 or 1983. Attractive, aren't they? I might have new lenses put in them. (NOT!) My dad also planted tulip bulbs with the twins when they got home from school today. Hopefully those will be pretty in the spring! (I don't know why blogger is ordering my photos is frustrating but I don't have the energy to deal with it start at the bottom and work your way up)

Classy glasses, yeah?!

Delaney had another Brownie awards ceremony last night where she received her "Take Action" keys and a lock. These are all badges that will get put on her sash. The troop leader carved a pumpkin for the girls. If you look closely, you can see the Girl Scout symbol. I think she did a great job on it!

That's about all from here. Maybe there will more excitement this week-end. We've had a quiet few days.

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