Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A nice little surprise!

Well, two, actually. When I got the mail today, there was an envelope addressed to Delaney from an address in VA Beach that I did not recognize. I thought it weird for a schoolmate of hers to be mailing party invites from out there, so I gave it to her to open. She started yelling "Mommy, I got second prize for my drawing at the India Festival! And there's even $5 in here!" She was quite excited to have had her drawing picked as a winner! She claims she will save the money so she can buy a new Barbie. We'll see.

My surprise: something very simple but I love it. "Pandora radio from the Music Genome Project" It only plays music you like and it is free. Honestly. You select a few artists that are your favourites and Pandora mixes the music. You can play music from just that artist or have the site select other artists with similar sounds. Completely incredible. Every song they pick for me I like! How fun! I've only spent about 10 minutes on it and it has more capabilities than I know.

I watched Marie Antoinette (with Kirsten Dunst) last night. I was a bit disappointed in it, I must admit. Glad I borrowed it from the library rather than spending money to rent it. A good bit of it was inaccurate. (and trust me, I read absolutely EVERY book on Marie Antoinette I could get my hands on from 1981 - 1985 so I feel like I'm somewhat of an authority on the matter) The costuming and scenery in this movie was gorgeous but the cast was just ok. No one even tried to fake an accent. They said "Thank you" where "Merci" could have been used instead. I really couldn't handle Molly Shannon in 18th Century period dress...I half expected her to jump up and yell "Superstar!" and sniff her fingers. I really enjoy her Mary Katherine Gallagher material, don't get me wrong, but she's a comedy actress and I didn't like her in this role.

And that is the update for today!

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