Monday, October 20, 2008

A little update...

On what's been going on around here.

Saturday: rain. No motivation at all. Kids finished up "The Never Ending Story II", and then watched the "Nightmare Before Christmas" while Steven made breakfast. I had a bit of a lie in, which was welcome. I guess I crawled out of bed feeling that sleep-induced-drugged-up sensation around 8:45. After coffee and eggs I was fine. I knitted and watched "Indian Babu" and the kids popped in and out of the room to see the dance scenes. In the afternoon we went up to a Halloween store in Newport News. Delaney wanted a "goth" costume but they were $29.99. We went to Wal-Mart where we found a goth-y costume for under $20. I couldn't convince her (or Steven) that I could make it for far less than that. Whatever happened to making one's own costume, anyway? For some reason store bought is better these days? After Wal-Mart we stopped at Sam's Club to see what sort of decorations they had there and I wanted to stock up on some fruit. My kids eat a lot of fruit so for that reason alone the membership is worth it. Oh, also, dinner was pizza/hot dogs at Sam's Club. After Sam's, we stopped by the big Bass Pro Shop in Hampton. Very cool place. Made me miss the mountains. I found a new sun visor to replace my old parrot one that went to sun visor heaven a few weeks ago. (I'd had it since 1998 and had glued it back together several times - there was no more saving it, it had to go) The brim of the new visor is not quite large enough but it will do for now. At least I have something to wear when I'm outside. Back home, I parked my butt on the couch and worked on my socks.

Sunday: windy but sunny. Great temperatures. I was so motivated all day, it was amazing. Kids tidied up the playroom then I went down to vacuum and dust it. (Gasp!) I also worked up in the FROG a bit. Steven hung my map of Germany on the wall going up the stairs. It is beautiful now. My grandfather would be so happy to see it like this. I decided I want to create my own workspace upstairs so I moved one of the bookshelves down into the playroom. That is about where the project ended before we went on an afternoon walk. Then it was dinnertime and I never got back upstairs to finish. I have a ton of quilting books to sort through then I have to decide how I want to organize...whether it is adding shelves to the wall or moving my cutting table into the space and stacking yarn/fabric under it in plastic bins. I don't know what to will take some time and work to figure it out.

Today: getting kids ready for school I realized that they had a trip to the pumpkin patch scheduled for the morning. Yay. I wasn't happy as that completely cut into the time I planned to use for above project and doing laundry, etc. The trip was fine, they had a blast, but it was C-O-L-D. I had on a light fleece jacket and my alpaca hat...but no fingers were numb after the hour at the patch. I was happy to be back home when it was all said and done. Ash just stopped over to show me a hat she made (Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat)...and it is sooo cute. I might have to make one for myself with my handspun one of these days. Now I'm just sitting here writing this and then who knows what. I'm on the ribbing for my sock cuffs so only another day or two and those should be done! Yay! I'll have my first pair of socks. I'm super psyched.


My map of Germany, prior to hanging

'Shroomin' - cool pink one

'Shroomin' - this guy was HUGE

'Shroomin' - I like this one because you can see me and the kids in the background

Will & Tinna at the pumpkin patch

Kids on the wagon. See the little girl over Will's right shoulder? That's his girlfriend. Seriously. It's true love. He is a complete mess if he goes to school and she's not there. Poor guy.

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Debbie B said...

It's about time that visor was put to rest! Poor parrots :(