Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do I feel like blogging?

No. I. Do. Not. But I promised, so here goes...

I'm playing catch up around here. We went to the commissary earlier for groceries. The kids were little nightmare children...being loud, hitting each other, fighting. After the commissary, I stopped to drop off some dry cleaning (dresses from the wedding). We came home for lunch and for the kids to play some Wii while I picked the ripe tomatoes and started laundry. Kids fought for 2 hours while playing Wii. They didn't even play, just screwed around making new Mii's. I finally got tired of the fighting and turned it off and sent them down to the playroom. If they stay up here with me I might kill them.

If you are interested in seeing photos from our NY trip, they are all on Flickr (click the badge on the right side of my blogger page). I'm only posting two below. We had a few hours of fun in the city on Thursday. Steven took Delaney and William up to Zabar's while Tinna and I went to Sephora and Lush for some necessary girlie items. Driving through Times Square made me want to stay for a few days...there's always so much fun stuff to do and we never get time to just go hang out in the city. It's always rush rush rush to visit family and get from point A to point B. One day, we will take a trip just for us, stay in the city, and not tell anyone else about it until it's over!!!

The wedding was fun. Kristina was beautiful. Everything was perfect. (except for a little rain, but that's good luck, isn't it?!) Our kids were soooo well behaved that it makes me wonder who kidnapped them and gave me these monsters today. They had their NY cousins to play with at the reception so that was really fun for them. William passed out around 10 from all of the excitement but the girls danced until 12:15 when the DJ started playing "Hit The Road Jack"! We got up at 8:00 yesterday morning, packed the car, and began our drive home at 10.

So, that's the trip in a nutshell. I never found my debit card so I cancelled it last night before I went to bed. My replacement card should arrive sometime tomorrow.

Kids are fighting again. How many days until school starts???

PS. Rose, here is a photo I took in NYC just for you.


Yarn Tails said...

It must be in the air, the kids fighting and all. Mine have been fighting for about a week now and I am ready to kill them. Thank goodness I found a job.

Shannon said...

Hi Yarn Tails - I think my oldest has strep again. She has been complaining about fire in her throat all day and her tonsils are swollen. Looks like tomorrow will be spent at the doctor's office!!!

Rose said...

Ha, thanks Shannon. Don't you love Lush? Every time, every single time that I wear Karma perfume someone comments on it. The picture of the kids in their wedding finery is beautiful! They deserve to be monsters for a bit now--as long as you can survive it ;-) Today, kayaking; Monday, back to work :-( Poor me!

Shannon said...

I wear Karma, too! Love it! Hey, just to let you know, I think we are coming up your way for the State Fair...I'll let you know as time gets closer...maybe we can meet up?