Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spinning cotton candy

Today was a somewhat busy day. Kids were all up by 7. We were out in the yard picking up toys and debris by 9:15. I mowed the grass and was done doing that around 10:40 or so. I used the bagger this time and I think I had to dump it out at least 10 times. I never used the bagger before and while it was nice, I think the mulching function is healthier for the yard...but I knew the grass was high and I didn't want to have to bag method worked for the best today. I won't wait so long to mow next time! After mowing, I got a shower and then kids swam for an hour or two.

We had lunch around 12:40 and then there was a movie on Nick at 1pm that Delaney wanted to see. About 30 minutes into it she was bored and wanted to play online. I caved around 2:00 and sat out in the front room to spin while she played on my laptop at the dining room table. I finished up the wool that Pia sent and now it is waiting to be plied. I'm sad to see this end. The fiber was lovely to work with once I got the hang of drafting it...and it smelled soooo good...just like cotton candy! Not sure if it was dyed with Kool Aid or if the smell came from the cherry scented candles she sent in the same package...whatever the reason, it was heavenly while I was holding it! In the end, I got 1 and 1/2 bobbins so plying will require a bit of thought. I was so excited to get it started on Friday that I didn't stop to think about dividing it into 2 equal bits to make plying easier. As it stands, I will ply what is on the 1/2 bobbin with the full bobbin, break it, and then wind the remainder on my nosty and ply from both ends of that ball (if that makes any sense...this is what was suggested to me in my Lendrum group on was the solution I thought would be appropriate but was dreading just a bit. Oh well...this whole spinning thing is a lesson in common sense...which we all know is something I struggle with daily!)

So...I worked on that and also knitted on Truly Tasha this afternoon. We walked the dog around 4 and then the kids went back into the pool for another hour. I wasn't feeling the best so I sat in the shade, listened to Jimmy Buffett, John Denver, and Peter Paul & Mary and knitted. It was sooo peaceful! Life just gets better and better every day.

Oh, and I killed a black widow spider on the ground beside the pool this afternoon. Creepy! It was hiding in a folded edge of the tarp that we put down under the pool. I reached down to fold up the tarp, meaning to stick it under the pool...and...aaaah! Thank goodness I saw that spider before she saw me!!! Folks told me there were black widows here in VA but I didn't really believe. I do now!

Cotton candy singles...I'm still inconsistent but it's getting better!

Another view

Does this not look just like cotton candy? Yummy!

A photo of the bobbins in the afternoon sun


Yarn Tails said...

Lovely color! Sounds like a nice and relaxing day.

Liudwih said...

I personally ADORE slubby,nubby handspun. If it was all "perfect" and even how would you know it was hand spun. But then again....I'm not a perfectionist;-p And I have been told that I am a process nota product yarnie.