Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saying Good-bye to "Annie"

This little dog was sooo sweet, I just KNEW in my heart she had to have a family. The short of it is that I received a call a little before 10 this morning. A man asked me if I still had the "found dog" because it belonged to him. Turns out, he and his wife just adopted her at a shelter last week and she's a little escape artist. They really should consider changing her name to Houdini. At any rate, the man was at Pet Smart getting a tag for her when she escaped last Friday. I found her on Monday. I wonder what she did in between...only she knows. But today, Annie is back home and hopefully the man will work a little harder to keep her in his yard! (I still have his name and number on my caller ID and I think I will save it...just in case she shows up here in the future. Steven was walking her the other night and she got out of her collar and ran straight to our front door...she knows where we live!)

I spun a little on my Lendrum this morning. I had some trouble getting started, there is definitely a learning curve but nothing that spinning a few minutes each day won't cure! It is a lovely wheel and I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with it.

The day is gorgeous. It's only 10:15 and the kids are already begging to start better go!

Tinna saying good-bye. Out of all of us, she is the saddest to see Annie go back home.

Tinna really wants me to teach her to spin. She's 4. I think she will be a fiber whore by the time she is 6.

Working on some wool that Pia dyed and sent to me.


twig said...

Great wheel. I have a single treadle and I love it. It took about 2 weeks to get anything that vaguely resembled yarn, though. hehehe Your spinning is looking good.

Shannon said...

Hi twig! Thanks for stopping by. I am taking a spinning class and I also own a "Heavenly Handspinning" wheel. I was disappointed in it so when I tried the Lendrum in class, I made my spinning instructor (also a dealer of Lendrum wheels) swear to me I would never need another wheel. I can already see significant improvement from earlier in the day to's all about reading the fibers, isn't it? How thin to pre-draft and all of that. So very fun!