Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's time for an update!

I guess it's about time for a blog update from here. Seriously, there hasn't been much going on this week. Delaney's been in Kindermusik camp and learning about other far she's learned about Germany, Japan, and Africa. She is really enjoying it and making new friends. Tomorrow we are having a playdate with 4 of them at our house.

I've been trying to find a home for this stray dog. I've contacted both Chesapeake and Portsmouth animal shelters and had "found" reports posted but no one has called. I put fliers out in town at various places. We are beginning to think the family who had her probably doesn't really notice that she's gone...or she might have been intentionally dropped off. She isn't spayed and we discovered she has worms...but no fleas (yay!!!). Steven gave her dewormer the other night and I got some Advantix for her at the vet's. She is *very* good about going into the crate, and actually seems to prefer being in there most of the time. So far, there have been no accidents in the house. She is sweet with the kids and fine with Henry (no fights). She loves to chew on a rawhide bone. We've discovered that she knows no commands (perhaps her owners spoke Spanish??? We have no clue but she doesn't seem to understand us.) and is not trained to walk on a leash. I have one prospective family for her to go to and I'm hoping they will take her today or tomorrow. If not, I'll begin actively looking for a new home for her.

Let's see, this week...we've also gone to the library for arts & crafts time. Kids enjoyed that but it stressed me out as the librarian only provides glue sticks and the stuff wouldn't stick on the all three kids were bugging me for help all at the same time. When they do that, I get completely overwhelmed. Delaney didn't finish her project and brought it home but hasn't worked on it since then. Honestly, she was the one giving me the most trouble and I think she just wasn't impressed. Ish. But we got through it and you can see the photos below.

We have had rain almost every day this week. Not continual rain, mainly afternoon and evening showers. The tomatoes are going NUTS with growth. I hope it keeps on this way! Kids haven't been able to swim, though, and I guess that's the only downer part. They've been playing a ton of Wii. Steve's cousin Jimmy came for dinner last night and he played a bunch of baseball and tennis games with them. We even went outside for a bit of baseball! (it started as gardening talk but ended up being baseball) It was a good evening.

There's not much on for today...sheets, some laundry, and I think I have spinning class this evening but I'm not 100% sure so I'll be calling in a little while to find out!

I had Tinna stand beside the tomatoes to give some perspective to their size.

The blooming glads.

Craft time at the library

It always ends with a popsicle!

Plants from the seeds Pia sent to me from Norway...three survived!

The mailbox planter is filling in nicely...

Do you see any tomatoes? This is an area of just one or two plants. Imagine, there are about 12 more just like this!


Ulrike said...

Yay for tomatoes! Ours begin to ripen, we have already plucked two cherry tomatoes.
If you like the taste and the plants' behaviour, remember to save tomato seeds for next year! I always forget and have to buy new plants, but this year I will save the seeds and grow my very own.

FrkSnupp said...

The tomatoes looks tasty...good to see that the nasturtiums are growing as well. I have a whole bunch of other colours and types of them, if you´d like more seeds I´ll send you some. Oh and I can´t wait to see your Lendrum!