Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Full moon?

Is today the full moon? I'm not having the best day...mainly in regards to my spinning. Ugh. I sat down this afternoon to try to spin some of the "Savon Bleu" that hubs got for me...it doesn't spin well. At all. I gave up completely after about 5 minutes of it constantly snapping. It seems like there are lots of short ends all over the place. I'll definitely be taking it in to show Mary when I go to class next week. The last straw came when I was attempting to rejoin it (about 10 times in total) and having it not rejoin. I gave up. It is just not worth the frustration! So...then I decided to try some gray roving that the lady sent to me with my Heavenly Handspinning wheel. I couldn't get it to attach to the leader. What the heck is wrong today? Is it an off day or am I just dorking this all up? Or both? (Shut up Lori and Mel) This seems to be good wool so it must be me. I got it attached and going and then I started spinning thinner...and thinnner...and then *snap*! Grrrrr. I quit and made dinner...maybe I was just hungry? Now I'm checking email, kids are playing Wii, and I'm going to give the wheel another go in a few minutes with hopes that it will go smoother this time. Sheesh!

Today hasn't been quiet, either. Twinkies had Kindermusik camp. Delaney and I ran to Kroger for bread and milk...that's about all we have time for with them in camp. I thought it was a 2 hour camp but it's only 1.5 hours and parents have to be back for "sharing time" 30 minutes before it ends...so that only leaves me with 1 hour to get anything done! *sigh* After camp it was home to have lunch and then do a commissary run. Kids were so well behaved that I took them to JoJack's for a fruit smoothie on the way home. I put away groceries, kids swam in the pool while I tried to read my Virginia Gardener magazine but it was no use, they fought CONSTANTLY while they were in the pool. Kicking, scratching, hitting. I eventually got sick of hear the tattling and made them all get out.

Now here we are. Only one hour til kids' bedtimes...and a new Tori & Dean later tonight. Waaa-hoo! Can't wait!!!

Nice gray striped wool from Heavenly Handspinning

Predrafted and ready to go

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