Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fireworks review...

Fireworks? What fireworks??? What a bust. We got to Portsmouth Naval Hospital around 6:30, parked, walked our stuff to the waterfront, met up with Liudwih and her clan and then we waited. And waited. And waited. And at **9:45** the announcement went through the crowd that the fireworks were cancelled. There had been a few drops of rain, a bit of lightning...but hey, since when have electrical storms stopped folks from celebrating the 4th of July? Yeah. So, we packed it in, walked over to the hospital for one last pee stop before getting in the car, knowing it would probably take us an hour to get home, even though we only live about 6 miles the time we were heading out the door to go to the car, the rain was POURING out of the sky!!! That's how close we were to being out in it. Delaney summed it all up when she said "This sucks." (Don't worry, we let her know this is inappropriate talk for a 6 year old, but it was completely true for the situation.)

Plans for today: not much. William has a raging case of impetigo on his tummy so we are heading to the doctor in another hour to get some medicine for that. I'm planning on cleaning up the house, doing some laundry, and spinning. Since everyone was up until 11 last night, it will definitely be an early-to-bed night for the kids!

Photos from last evening...

Norfolk skyline

Naani looking unimpressed

Gigi looking very Hollywood

V - sorry about the food shot but it's the only one I had


Delaney and N playing around

Me and Liudwih...and look, I'm finally not the shortest person around!



Me and hubs goofing around and taking our own picture


Tinna waiting for the fireworks to begin

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