Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why, hello Mr. Lincoln!

I can't say enough good things about my spinning class or my teacher, Mary Scott of Serendipity Farms in Suffolk, VA! Look how well my spinning has become with a drop spindle! Woo-hoo! I love it. Mary is patient and very knowedgeable, with over 30 years in the sheep industry...so interesting to listen to...and she has me completely convinced I need a Lendrum wheel to spin on! Hubs disagrees with that one, but in the end, we may be able to come to some sort of agreement. ;-)

I was able to go spend quite a few hours in the studio yesterday afternoon and Mary handed out samples of different fibers...27 different fibers or fiber blends, to be exact. Cotton, wool, mohair, flax, buffalo, angora, commercial dryer lint (who knew one could spin dryer lint!), and my favourite - recycled plastic milk jugs!

We finally got rain last night via some strong storms that went through here shortly after midnight. (I was awake from 12:15 until about 1:30, listening to it and just being thankful for it) I haven't walked out to the garden yet this morning but I did let the dog into the yard and could still smell smoke from the fires in NC. Mary said they will burn for years unless we get a few weeks of consistent rain. Wow. Perhaps it smells like this in Centralia, PA? Although that is a burning coal seam and not peat or trees so likely it would be a tad different? Who knows.

Plans for today: change sheets on beds and a run to the commissary for food. Nothing too exciting.

More photos of my spinning...Oh, and this is Mary's wool, meaning, from her sheep. Beautiful.


MariHana said...

Hey! Now that is some impressively thiiin yarn there, Shannon! Beautiful spinning... There's no going back now, of course. You'll have to convince DH to get you a Lendrum. The DTs are fabulous wheels! I finally caved after spinning on a fellow knitter's Majacraft Gem on Saturday. My Suzie Pro is coming at the end of the month! Sigh... My poor spindles won't be seeing me for a while!

Shannon said...

Yay!!! You're getting a wheel! I knew it was only a matter of time. Now when I move to Canada we can spin AND knit together! =) I seriously doubt I'll get a Lendrum anytime soon (too many things to do around the house with that money)...but I tried one yesterday and oh.my.gawd. is it ever PERFECTLY wonderful! It spins like butter and makes my HH wheel feel like a dinosaur beast. My teacher suggested still hanging onto my wheel and using it for the kids if they want to learn to spin when they are older. Hmmm. It's a consideration but my first thought is to sell it! Post me some photos when you get your wheel, 'k?!