Monday, June 30, 2008

Another day gone...

Nothing done but run run run...AGAIN! We headed out around 10:30, the first stop was local...we decided to buy a metal detector after about 3 years of debating it! So, we did that and then headed out to David's Bridal to pick up the girls' dresses for Donnie & Kristina's wedding on August 10. The girls look really cute and say they feel like princesses. Awww! While we were at the store, I saw a dress that *I* liked and tried it on. I went ahead and got it since I have the wedding, my 20 year high school class reunion, AND a formal with Steven's ship in September...the dress should certainly get some use! After the bridal store, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant near Liudwih's house...then a stop by hers to drop off my spinning wheel. We stayed and chatted with her for about 45 minutes, then back on the road to go to the knitting store because I need another skein of Cascade 200 to finish up this Truly Tasha Shawl (which is not 90% finished, by the way...I put in a lifeline last night and draped the thing over my shoulders and it is not quite big knit knit knit and maybe in another month it will actually be 90% finished!). I saw a Goodwill and remembered that Steven needs a motor for a ghost he is making for Halloween so we stopped by luck with the motor but the girls found a few Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen VHS tapes. Very cool as they are hard to come by and these appear to be in mint condition. After Goodwill, we did go to Knit Wits and then across the street to TJ Maxx...a new dress requires new shoes!!! Phew! See why I am tired? On the days we run, we make a LOT of stops! I almost forgot, while I was in TJ Maxx, Steven went up the way to a home & garden store to buy parts for the ghost. (Can you believe this? Halloween preparation already and it's only JUNE?!?!) We left that store and had Starbuck's on the way that point this girl was fading fast. Dinner was crappy...spaghetti o's for Will & Laney, a veggie corndog for Tinna, leftover chicken and crash hot potatoes for me, and Steven cooked 2 pork chops (gag) for himself.

Tomorrow I have a check up at the doctor's and then a fitting for my dress because the straps are a bit too long. We're going to try to get to Men's Warehouse to have William measured since he's in the wedding, too. I hope that's it for the errands! Wednesday we might go to the beach. I sure hope so because we are quickly running out of days to get there.

Right now, it's almost 10pm so I'm going to go relax and read. I have about 75 pages left in The Handmaid's Tale and I can hardly stand to put it down.


FrkSnupp said...

How pretty you girlss look in their dresses! I love your garden photos, really nice and inspiring. I have posted new ones in my garden blog (only Norwegian, but still) as well. Hope you get to go to the beach and relax a little tomorrow. Oh, and abou bloglines; you need to register to get a username and then you can have your own account/blogroll. I'm at work, going to a friend to knit tonight, and painting the bathroom ceiling while DH is off-shore working. Have a nice week!

Laura said...

Your girls look lovely!