Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh my, it's going to be a l-o-n-g day today...

Delaney's home sick. No real fever but sniffly and sneezy...actually all 3 kids are snifly and sneezy. We've had an eventful morning already...everyone had breakfast and started watching the Lizzie McGuire movie that I taped for them last night. While they were watching that, I went into the bedroom to ride my bike for a bit...and besides, I have a ton of taped episodes of "Grounded for Life" in there and just looking at Kevin Corrigan while working out makes the time go by sooo much faster! I finished up my ride, checked on the kids and got in the shower. As I was just squirting out my shaving cream, William and Tinna came running and and screaming "Delaney" and "crying" and "Mama, come now!!!", so I got out of the shower as fast as humanly possible, and ran naked through the house with shaving cream falling everywhere...only to come into the living room and see Delaney on the LoveSac with my glider on top of her!!! Apparently Tinna had pulled it down. Thank god Delaney was not hurt. I gave her some ice for her head (seriously, she's FINE) and a kiss and went back into the shower to get rinsed off. *sigh* No shaved legs today.

I was highly disappointed in the ending of Survivor last night. I was so rooting for Amanda to win. Bah! Parvati. Oh well. At least Amanda got Ozzy. Another good piece of eye candy (Sorry Steven), and frankly, one of the best reasons watching Survivor this season! Oooooh baby!

We had tornado warnings here again last night. This weather is just crazy. Glad my dad and Kathy called to tell me to turn on the radio because that was almost the exact time the system was going through. The problem is that I very rarely watch local TV because the kids always have Disney Channel or Noggin turned on and if not, they are making so much noise that I can't take much more so I keep the radio turned off. I now know what the Public Radio station is and plan to start listening on a more regular basis!

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