Saturday, May 10, 2008

My wheel is fixed!

Well, after 2 days of my spinning wheel not working correctly, (it would spin the fiber, the fiber would then twist back onto itself but it would not pull onto the bobbin) and me trying EVERYTHING I could think of to fix the problem, I finally contacted the maker. Through a series of emails, she helped me determine that the drive band needed to be tighter and I also probably needed a second hole in the tensioner. Both of these combined seems to have solved my problem. Now, if I could just draft and spin that fine laceweight I'm after!!! (Yes, Liudwih, I'm a Type A Perfectionist Control Freak - I want it perfect - even if I DO have a glass bottle stuck in my wrist!!!)

So now everyone will be worried because they think I've hurt myself with a glass bottle. No, I haven't. It's an inside joke.

And here's a photo of what's been spun since last night.

I've finished up all of the "most beautiful roving in the world" and am starting on a gray roving sample now. I love, love, love the first bit - golden brown with flecks of orange, blue, purple, green thrown in there. I'm seriously thinking about ordering a pound of the stuff. I wonder if I could make an entire sweater with a pound of it???

Plans for today have changed. We're not going all the way out to VB to the plant sale. It looks like rain and William was up from 4 - 5 this morning, which in turn, gave me a late start to the morning. Ash just called to tell me Patrick was told yesterday that he has 24-hour duty today, so she'll come over later with the kids and we'll cook dinner together. I'm going to get a shower, get my kids dressed and take them strawberry picking. Hopefully we'll make it before the rain starts!

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