Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back on the couch...

Sooo, Delaney finished her antibiotics (for strep throat) on Monday evening. Tuesday evening, she said her throat was hurting. I told her there was just no way she could still have strep and maybe it was the a/c or being outside too much or something. Yesterday afternoon she came home from school saying "My throat feels like it's on FIRE again!" and I took her temperature and it was 99.6F, elevated but not too bad. I gave her some motrin and we went about the evening. This morning she was awake at 3:15 saying she was going to barf. I put her in my bed, she never barfed...I came out to the couch and didn't fall back to sleep until 5, maybe. Ugh. When Delaney woke at 8:30, her temperature was normal and she was playing, etc, so I gave her some "Throat Coat" tea and sent her to school. The school nurse called at 1:45 to tell me to come get her because her throat was very red and her temperature was 99.6F (again) and she had a meltdown in class (she gets very very emotional when she has a fever). I immediately called our doctor and they made an appointment for her for 3:20. So...we saw the doctor for the third time in 2 weeks and Delaney's back on antibiotics, but a different mix this time (Keflex). I paid the extra $2.99 to have it flavoured with bubblegum flavouring and she said that is pretty good. Phew, no fights about it (there's a Hannah Montanna beach towel involved as well - anything to get the medicine down her throat)! We're to go back to the doctor for a recheck on June 13. Let's hope this does the trick!!! Oh, and the doctor even swabbed my throat since it's been scratchy and I thought maybe Delaney and I were just passing it back and forth. I was negative for strep (yay) and the doctor said that the penicillin doesn't seem to do such a great job killing the strep bacteria these days. Thank you to all of the parents out there who don't make their kids finish doses!!!

Twinkies and I went to WalMart today as I was looking to replace my dicentra (bleeding heart) that died in transplant earlier in the week. I found a nice full one and a few other plants as well. Lucky for me it's payday! I picked up a cherry tomato plant (because we NEED more tomato plants!) and a zucchini plant for in the edibles garden. I do like me some homegrown zucchini!!! Mmmm mmmm. I have such good memories of my Meem frying up zucchini that had been picked from her garden. Every now and then she'd allow me to help her dip the sliced zucchini in the egg and then breadcrumbs...then she'd fry it up and I would gobble it just about as fast as it would fry. Yummm. When I told Delaney that I bought a zucchini plant she said "But I don't like zucchini" and I replied "Maybe you will when you are the one who grows it!" So, we'll see about that. I think children are always more willing to taste things they've had a hand in growing.

I had planted some Morning Glory seeds at the fence on Tuesday...I thought they might have gotten washed away with the heavy rains we had Tuesday night...but I checked this morning and was amazed to see they are already sprouting! Holy Morning Glories, Batman! I'm impressed. Let's see...while at WalMart, I also picked up 2 Ageratums called "Hawaii Blue" - these are sort of downy little blue flowered plants, and I found a pack of 4 Celosia for half-price. Those look like multi-coloured brains and are fuzzy/soft to the touch. The kids really like those. I got a beautiful blue Lobelia (called "Hot") to plant in between the roses and a clematis called "Clematide" (this could be part of the latin name ??? as I'm finding lots of different images when I google it - I will take a photo tomorrow after I plant it) that will be trained to climb the bench/arbor in the rose garden. Also on our journey, we found a hosta, "Inniswood", for in the front shade garden. While I'm not really keen on the bright green hostas, this one adds variety and was a nice looking plant at a decent price so I went ahead and grabbed it.

And that's about it. Delaney has field day tomorrow at school and she is really looking forward to it. I spoke to the school nurse (who is also our neighbor) and she said as long as Delaney is on antibiotics she is allowed to come to school. I'll play it by ear and see how she is doing in the morning but I would bet she will go to school. I don't think anything could keep her away from field day!

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FrkSnupp said...

I hope Delaney gets better. I know everything about sore throats-I´ve been home from school app. three weeks every year since I was 8 years old, but the last couple of years it´s stopped. And zucchini is wonderful! Have a great weekend.