Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd meme and other business...

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. Ours has been spent going to Bennett's Creek Park, MacDonald's Garden Center, and Kroger. Woo-hoo! Watch out everyone, we're having wayyyy too much fun today. Honestly, I'm getting sunburned shoulders so I'm staying inside for a bit this afternoon...and it's been two days without a workout so I need to take care of that and keep this curvy figure of mine in shape!

Last night we went out to Liudwih's to meet-up with some of our friends. Veidar Ulf brought a KICK ASS mead, which he graciously shared with everyone. He even bottled up a small bottle just for me so I could drink it when I got home. (You know, because I had to drive and knew I wouldn't be able to once I drank a bit of it! Thank you Veidar, you are truly a gentleman!) Definitely the drink of the gods! The best mead I think I've ever tasted. Liudwih & V's mead was also DELISH after a bit of extra sugar was added. Theirs was a blackberry mead made from blackberries we picked together the first time we met last July! Steve and I are about to embark on our first mead and it will be strawberry mead. I hope it turns out half as good as the two I tasted last night.

Besides that, it's just a quiet day here. A few photos below...

They look like they were in trouble or something, but they weren't. Just contemplative, I guess. Tinna was pouting because she found some lippy on the ground and I made her throw it away.

A view of the river.

Little Miss Beautiful Eyes.

and here's the meme...

I´ve now been tagged by Pia:

- Pick up the nearest book.
- Open on page 123.
- Find the fifth sentence.
- Post the next three sentences.
- Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Ok, here goes. The nearest book is "Death in the Steel City" by Thomas Lipinski, and the three sentences next to the fifth is: "Dorsey crossed 45th Street to the hospital's east wing, avoiding a maintenance worker pushing a salt spreader on the far sidewalk. Once inside the building he spoke to the guard manning the security desk who put in the call, and then suggested that Dorsay take a seat on an old office sofa. For forty minutes, he browsed through a year-old news magazine and was ashamed to admit that he was learning about a few things for the first time."

I´d like to tag the following people for this task:
LexyKahn, Liudwih, Ashley. I'm out...I need to get more friends with blogs! Join this if you want to!

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FrkSnupp said...

That strawberry mead sounds nice...cute kids! Hope you have a good day =)