Friday, April 11, 2008


I have to open with this because I just cannot hide my excitement...there's a webcam in the center of Reykjavik!

Didn't get my wheel put together yesterday. I was busy with the kids and enjoying the sun. I started digging a new flower bed in the backyard but man, it wore me out. Our grass is some kind of nastiness. Crab grass, I guess. It's thick with lots of runners. Definitely not easy to get through. Once I dug it, I had to haul it into the woods. That was a struggle in itself. While the old garbage can trick works well for leaves and debris, it isn't the best way to move heavy earth and grass, that's for sure! But, anyway, the grass is gone and now I need to add a bit of better soil and fertilizer out there. I might go out to Home Depot or Lowe's later today. Right now, it is misty again. I'm hoping this is the equivalent of San Diego's "May gray's" and will burn off by lunchtime so we can have another day spent outdoors. I also have laundry to do and tidying the house as Liudwih is coming over tomorrow and the house is really messy again.


The wheel disassembled.

The backyard shade garden: astilbe in the upper half and unknown plant at the bottom. I thought this was a hosta but obviously it's not. I'm going to be expanding this area back to the original size and putting in a shade loving seed mat, similar to this.

Newly dug flower garden: focus will be on plants that attract birds and butterflies. This area gets full sun in summer.

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