Friday, April 11, 2008


Well...we got all of our plants planted except for the beefsteak tomato seeds and butterfly basket seeds. I feel pretty proud of myself and the kids! Today, we went to Home Depot and bought soil to add to the new flower bed. It was all I could do to lift one of those bags of soil! I bought 3 bags. Again, a wheel barrow would probably have been helpful but I managed to lug them all into the backyard. (I keep telling myself to think of it as strength training!) I put in a few new plants that I picked up at Home Depot...2 pots of basil plants, woolly yarrow "King Edward' (yellow), 'Blue Zephyr' Brachyscome hybrid, 2 hostas in the front shade garden, and 3 dusty white/silver plants that I needed to replace around the mailbox (don't know their names and the tags aren't in front of me). In addition to all of these, we planted bulbs, and two seed mats - one for full sun and one for shade. Oh, and I also planted a hanging bag of strawberry plants. Sooo...I think I'm done in the garden for a few days!!! We'll see what happens with all of this. The only thing I really want is one more hosta for the back of the house and a fuscia plant to hang at the front door.

Kids are outside playing with the water and I need to go. I can hear that they are soon going to be COMPLETELY out of control. We are going to walk the dog and then hit McD's for dinner. No way in heck I'm cooking tonight!


The three plants in the flower garden. Starting at the little girl, they are Blue Zephyr, yarrow, and Pinks. Others are still below ground.

Delaney standing proud by the area where we laid a seed mat. (Shade - it gets late afternoon sun)

Kids standing by garden.

Oh, did I mention it is currently 81F at our house. My skin is already starting to get it's summer tan, too! Woo-hoo!

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