Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's update...

From the garden...

Had to run to Farm Fresh for Fontina cheese. As I had 45 minutes to kill before picking up the twinkies at school, I stopped by Rose's to see what kind of plants they had out...petunias, marigolds, impatiens, rose bushes, herbs. I got two more rose bushes...a white bloomer called "John F. Kennedy" and another fragrant pink one called "Tiffany". The Tiffany is has a little yellow band around the bottom of the bud, that opens up into the yellow center. Smells gorgeous. The JFK is a little beat up but I pruned it a bit and am hoping it will do well once it has established itself. Also picked up a thyme plant since I use that in my Icelandic fish soup and can freeze the strands as I cut them.

Took some cute photos of Delaney this morning looking at a butterfly.

Tonight is busy as it is Kindermusik night. I'm supposed to have a mother's helper coming in (daughter of our friend...she just turned 13 and is looking to get some babysitting of charge...hope the kids like her as I could really use a good babysitter this summer). I feel as if I should clean my house before her arrival but if I do all my work now, what will I do when she is here??? Ah-ha. Good thinking, eh? So...I'm sitting here taking it easy for a few minutes. Then I need to get the twinkies into their baths.


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