Sunday, April 06, 2008


Saturday was a busy day for us. My friend Tricia arrived to our house around 10. We had tea and talked for awhile, I showed her our house and yard. Then we went to the Jumbo for lunch. Kids were excited because they had a little money and each bought a doggy key chain. Tinna took hers to bed last night, THAT's how excited she was! After the Jumbo, it was back home to relax for an hour or two and then we were off to Liudwih's house to celebrate N.'s birthday. He's turning 7. Kids had a good time there. Liudwih and V got a new little kitten for N for his birthday, oh man, is it ever cute! Now you know I want one. (Shut up, Steven, I know what you are going to say. I'll get my "Lucy Furrrr" someday.) After cake and presents, Liudwih cooked up some saag with the spinach I had brought along. I got to help and use her food processor and now I'm thinking "I don't know how I lived without one of these for so long!" I put an entire onion in the cutting or crying involved. Wow, how my life as a mother could be improved with a food processor!!! We got home late, around 9...I think I finally sat down around 9:30. I checked up on the Stonehenge dig, read Yarn Harlot, then took the dog for a walk and went to bed.

Today, it's chilly (50's) and raining. Can't complain as we need it, but why does it always have to rain on the week-ends? I could have used today to plant some of my plants in the yard. I do have two tasks for today: clean the turtle tank (yes, I procrastinated on it again) and give Henry his monthly meds. That's it, besides taking care of the children's needs. I'm hoping for a very slow, quiet day of me sitting and knitting and not doing much else! (lazy, lazy, lazy)

Right now, it's 7:50 and girls are still sleeping. Will's watching tv cuddled up under a blanket. I think we might be getting colds. We need some down time!

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