Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm still not feeling 100% here but after last night's hat disappointment, I knew I had to suck it up and get out to the yarn store and I needed to do it TODAY. Next week is going to be crazy with going up to Williamsburg, getting the house ready for guests, the kids' party, AND Easter. My mind is spinning just thinking about everything I need to accomplish before the end of the week.

So, we were out at the yarn store by 10:15 this morning. I got the skein I needed to finish my hat, and honestly, I didn't need an entire skein, just a short bit of it. While at the store, I picked up Addi Turbo Lace needles in sizes 3 and 4 so I can begin working on the Forest Canopy Shawl for which Mary sent me the lovely laceweight kettle-dyed yarn. I also decided I "needed" to pick up yarn for the Truly Tasha's Shawl that I've been thinking about since I lived in California. (Cascade 220 in "Ruby" - see photo below) In all honesty, I think I'm going to start on the Tasha shawl first. The lace pattern of Forest Canopy terrifies me. It's an awful lot of counting and life-lines and potential frogging. And anyway, we all know how good my math skills are.

To the yarn store and back again by 11:15. I fed the kids lunch and got out the door by 12:45 to go to a birthday party at a place called "Our Run Around". I never heard of it before and could only picture something similar to Chuck E. Cheese. Turns out, this place, which is just 5 minutes from our house is an awesome bouncy slide kind of place. They have 3 rooms for parties AND something called "Glo Golf", which is black-light glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Very cool! It's a little pricey, $8/child for 2 hours but how nice will it be once in a while, as a treat, or on a rainy afternoon when the kids are bored out of their minds?!?! Also, it just opened in January so it's still very clean. The kids had a blast.

And that sums up our day. Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and planning out the week's schedule so I can be sure to get everything accomplished.

Photos: Tinna, William, Delaney at the bouncy place. Cascade 220 in Ruby for the Truly Tasha's Shawl. Gorgeous!

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