Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday William & Tinna!

Happy FOURTH birthday, William & Tinna!

And, yes, Frances, I'm *still* not feeling quite right due to this stomach virus. ICK. This is such a busy week, I cannot afford to be down and out with my ass plopped on the couch. Today: pre-school registration at the YMCA @ 11, baths for all kids, garbage day, stop at Kroger for birthday card for friend, stop by the post office, wrap birthday gifts for the twins so we can have a small celebration after school. OMG, I'm exhausted already.

Started on the Truly Tasha shawl. No complaints about the Cascade 220. Easy knit but not extremely fast since I'm turning rows constantly (I must admit, I love circular knitting for that very reason - you can just keep going round and round and round). I'll be working on this project for quite awhile. Photos later.

Well, I'm off to get the day started. Delaney's getting in the bath, twins are helping me gather the garbage cans from around the house. Fun, fun!

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