Monday, February 11, 2008

True colours

I have tried all day to upload a new video to YouTube. It's of "The Beach Girls" singing Karma Chameleon, and was shot on location in my kitchen this morning...but no luck. I will continue to try and hopefully tomorrow I will have a link to share with you. It was a great concert! And free for me, because I'm the stage mom and all. ;-)

So, instead, I will share a few photos of some yarn and also tell you that I was able to sit and knit for a bit today. I think I *might* have completed another cm! Honestly, I think I did about 5cm yesterday on old Pel, so if I work on this all week, I should have the body finished and be able to start on the sleeves by the week-end.

Photos of yarn: the first two, you've seen before...but the colours were not true as the photos were originally taken indoors with a flash. Today, I took my lambskin and yarn outdoors (in 35F!) and photographed it all in the sunshine. Gorgeous. So, first two were from the shopping spree at Knit Wits last week-end. The second two are gifts from my friend Mary in Canada. Sean Sheep is the Wal-Mart wool, with which I'll make a tea cosy (because the pattern was included and is beautiful!), and the second is a skein of lace weight for the "Forest Canopy Shawl" that I will start once I finish this Pel.

Oh, and just for fun, I thought I'd add this little photo of the Pirate Girl. Arrrrgh!

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