Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shoyu chicken

I'm making Shoyu Chicken for dinner tonight. It's Ash's recipe...thanks, Ash! I did mine on the stove with ground ginger and brown sugar as substitutes for ingredients in her recipe. I just tasted it and it is pretty good! I told Delaney that it is one of Evan's FAVOURITE dishes...hopefully she'll eat it and love it. Or at least eat it without complaining. Fat chance, but I can hope.

I started on my dreadie hat this afternoon and have about 4" done already. I have to do K1,P1 ribbing for 16cm, roughly 6.75" (yes, Mary, I AM a ribbing builds character. ha!) so I'm actually very close to being done with that part. Frickin' 9mm (US 13) dpns are me. It's like knitting with 2x4's. Things should get very interesting when I have to switch over to 12mm (US 17) dpns!!! Oh, and does anyone know if Alpaca will felt? Now that I've started this hat, I'm praying it will! If not, I'll be frogging it and making it out of other wool that's softer than Lopi.

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