Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good news - Bad news

Good news: it's snowing!
Bad news: it's 46F.

Good news: kids want to go out and play in it.
Bad news: I just picked up Delaney at school because she has a 100F temperature and a very red, very sore throat.
More bad news: strep is going around school and I, too, have had a very red, very sore throat since last week. Great.

Good news: the sweater is finished and in 3 pieces.
Bad news: I have to block it before I sew it all together. Bah!

Good news: my order arrived from Woodland Woolworks today.
Bad news: now I don't have an excuse to not block the sweater.

Good news: my order from Woodland Woolworks AND my new dress from etsy arrived today!
More good news: the dress fits PERFECTLY and will be beautiful when summer finally arrives.
Bad news: that about completes all of my recent purchases and deliveries, thus, I don't have much to look forward to that will be arriving by mail.

Good news: I returned the Holter monitor to the doctor's office this morning after 24 hours of EKG monitoring.
Bad news: I had about 5 palpitations rather than the 20-30 I have on any other given day. The doctor's going to think I'm nutters.

Good news: my new dpns arrived and now I can start the dreadie hat!
Bad news: ummm, none!

Photo below of the new dress front and back.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute on you!