Monday, January 14, 2008

Old Age?

Ok, here's the deal. I thought it was funny when my dad first starting receiving AARP information in the mail. I thought it was f'ing roll-on-the-floor-HILARIOUS when my HUSBAND started receiving AARP info in the mail after he turned 40. But now, well, aging is not so funny any longer. Today, in my mail I received a catalog called "As We Change" and a sample of "Estroven PM". I'm going to be 38 next month. I'm NOT OLD!!! Someone has been given some misinformation. How has my name been included on these lists? The index of the "As We Change" catalog includes these subjects: "Fitness & Weight Management", "Supplements & Remedies" (do I need these yet???), "Hair, Face, & Body Care", "Comfortable Feet" (ok, I do have some concerns there but I always have), "Clothing Solutions, Bras, & Shapewear" (Shapewear? To lift my falling boobs? Hold in my saddlebags? My grandmother Schlosser wore shapewear. Ouch. It just sounds painful. I have enough trouble keeping bras on!), "Intimate Concerns" (Ick. I can't even go there on this blog), "Nighttime Comforts", "Favorites from Winter", and "Slimming Clothing & Swimwear". Oh boy, see what I have to look forward to!?!?! Still, I guess aging is better than the alternative.


Debbie B said...

Welcome to the club lovey!

John said...

I started getting them last spring. I guess having a spouse die automatically means you are old. *shrug*