Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A photo below of my homemade cheese. A little more crumbly than I expected, perhaps I needed to use some heavier object to press it? I used a beehive-shaped mixing bowl filled with water but I'm thinking that might not have been heavy enough. Still, the taste is quite mild and pleasing, and I'm not complaining. I certainly won't have any trouble eating it!

Not too much to report on today. It is very gray and cold. Maybe we'll see snow flurries? I heard on the radio that Barnum & Bailey's Circus is coming to town and I can't help but hope that my neighbor was correct when he told me that it always snows in January when the circus comes to town. He said we will get a good snow storm when the weather is coming out of Texas. So far, I don't think that is scheduled to happen as I think this current cold front is coming in from the north.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not get our skylights installed this fall but it turns out that our family room is actually brighter in the winter than it is in the summer! Most likely due to the fact that the room is facing a south-westerly direction and the sun isn't rising very far into the sky right now. Hopefully we can get them installed sometime this summer. The extra light would be much appreciated on days when I'm feeling blue.

I'm having fish casserole for dinner tonight. (Recipe from Jo's Icelandic Recipe Book) Not sure how it will go over with the kids...probably not very well since they are already complaining about the fact that we have to have fish. Auntie Lori sent me her copy of Nourishing Traditions book and it is making me realize all of the crap we eat on a regular basis so I'm working hard to change that. I know Rose had mentioned to me a few months ago about eating John McCann Steel Cut Oat Meal (I think this was the brand you said) and I finally found it today at the commissary. I will give my feedback on that in a day or two. It's definitely not something I can make on a morning when we are rushing to get out the door!

This morning was spent rushing around to the grocery store, then back home to get Laney on the bus, then off to the frame shop to get some professional photos of the kids framed. They were damaged by the movers in this last move and since they were taken when the twins were 8 months old, I think it's finally time to get them fixed and protected! After that, I made a stop up the street at the "Book Owl" since I have wanted to go in there for a long time now but they never seem to be open. I got lucky today. Not too much I really wanted but it's nice to know the place exists. After that, I stopped at the local coffee shop for a chai and drank that on the way to pick up the twins. Then we headed to Lowe's as I was in search of some blinds for the back door. I didn't really see anything but I got some ideas for window treatments for my bedroom and the kitchen and also looked/dreamed in the hardwood aisle. Phew! Busy morning. We just finished up lunch and now I really need to get my butt off the couch so I can do some exercising before Delaney gets home. I think it's an iPod day as I watched my only saved episode of "Last of the Summer Wine" yesterday. Summer is coming, I need to stay motivated!

Here are a few photos for you: the girls were dressed up for a pretend tea party - William could have cared less and preferred to stay in his pj's. Fromage.

PS. 2:15 - it's really flurrying right now but outside thermometer says 46F!

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