Friday, November 16, 2007

The view

Here's the view from my kitchen window this morning.

It was cold. Like 42F cold! Poor birds.

What a darn busy day! Bathed all 3 kids early. Got Delaney off to school around 11. Fed lunch to the twinkies and we headed out to do groceries around 12:30. I had to WAIT IN LINE to get on the darn base! Then after grocery shopping in the nutso Commissary, we had to WAIT IN LINE at least 30 minutes to get checked out! Sheesh. It's horrible when you combine a holiday with payday. Back towards home, we stopped in at Farm Fresh (no, no fun for Shannon today folks - it was all business) turkeys were on sale for .98/lb and what a bargain that was. I would have paid $1.19/lb at the Commissary for the exact same thing. Glad I waited. Walked from Farm Fresh to the dry cleaners to pick up some shirts I had cleaned last week. After that back in the car and off to Walgreen's to pick up my Christmas card order. Then home, right around 3pm. Delaney got off the bus about 3:30 and IMMEDIATELY started bugging me to play on the computer. (Seriously, I didn't think this would start until the teen years) Arrgh! Enough already.

I opened up her backpack while I was getting dinner ready and I see a little note on the bottom of her weekly report from school. She had two incomplete centers this week; art and math. I can understand this as they were never my favourite subjects in school (and actually, I only passed my college math course with a "D", that's how bad my skills are in that area!!!), even though I understand, I still have to say "What happened?" The teacher's note said "Not on task all of the time for some reason" I asked "Where you goofing around? Talking?" She said "No Mommy. I just didn't have enough time to get it done!" The kids are supposed to be given 25 minutes to complete their centers each day. Hmmm. I don't want to ride her too hard, she's only 5, lord knows she doesn't need any sort of perfectionist complexes yet, but she needs to know she has to focus and get her work done, too.

So, there's my report of the day and now I'm going to go watch "As Time Goes By" and work on one of these loom knitting projects.

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