Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's the little things...

The rain finally started around 10 or so here this morning. My promise to myself, you know, the one where I said all I'd do today is laundry and knitting, isn't really coming true. So far, I've started the laundry and changed the sheets on my bed. The rest of the time, I've been ordering Christmas cards from Walgreens and putzing around in general. I'm going to start a pot of vegetable soup in a little while, too. One thing I remembered while changing my bedding is that I have a "new" blanket to try out! While I realize it's not the most exciting thing to blog about, it is exciting to me as I've waited almost 4 years to use this blanket!

I am a blanket lover by nature. I have a ton of crocheted afghans and little soft throws from Wal-Mart. I have made quilted blankets for my kids and fleece throws and quilts for the babies of my friends. I cannot seem to get rid of any old blankets...even though most of them are packed up because we don't have space to keep them all out! Despite all of this, I still tend to eye up blankets in stores when I'm out and about. So, my new blanket story goes like this...when I was in Iceland, I was surfing eBay one night and found a "Hello Kitty" mink blanket from Korea that I wanted to buy for Delaney. Mink blankets are 100% polyester (don't get your knickers in a twist all of you PETA supporters out there - this isn't mink the animal we're talking about!!!) and heavy as hell. They are very plush and luxurious. My friend Annette had lived in Korea for a few years and I mentioned to her that I was interested in one of these blankets for Delaney. Fortunately for me, her mother still lived in Korea and was able to hook me up, not only with Hello Kitty for Delaney, but also a queen sized burgandy coloured blanket for myself! So, I got the blankets as we are getting ready to transfer back to the US and where do we go but Florida! No use for heavy mink blankies there so into a storage box they went. Then we were in CA and the blankets just continued to live in storage. Fast forward to today: rainy day with predicted drops in temperatures expecting to occur...I'm changing bedding when I suddenly remember MY new mink blanket waiting for me to take it out of storage. Which is exactly what I did!

Look how beautiful it is! You can bet I'll be in bed early tonight! ;-)

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