Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Saga of leaves and pine straw...

It's the "Never-ending Saga". We're raking leaves today. I didn't plan on doing it, it just sort of happened because it's 72F or so and I heard that there is rain on the way. There are still leaves on our trees. I feel like they will never all fall! This is the 2nd time I'll be raking the backyard. A few weeks ago, I really hurt my left shoulder doing the front yard. It was finally starting to feel better and I hurt it AGAIN at the Children's Museum (see the photo of me and Sharon in the big purple chair and I'm making a mean face...that's the exact moment it happened!!!. So, I started this raking session off by taking an Alleve. Later I'll eat a spoonful of honey as added inflamation reduction. I know I'm going to be hurting after this is through! I'm thinking I'll just do as much as I can handle and try to get the rest later. It'll be slow but I have nowhere to go anyway so I guess it really doesn't matter, eh? The twins are making a big pile of their own (thank you gods that they are older and can "help"!) so all I'll have to do with that is put it on the sheet and haul it over to the woods.

I got a few really cute photos of William in the sunlight this afternoon. I'll upload those later.

Back out to rake some more!

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