Monday, November 12, 2007

Gryffindor Scarf report

Ok, ok, because Liz is BEGGING for it and I did promise is the report on the Gryffindor Scarf. Very easy and fun knit. I completed a lot of it on the drive up to NY a few weeks ago. (because I taught myself to knit without looking so I wouldn't get car-sick like I normally do when I try to do anything while riding in a car) The patch was purchased at Alivan's and is gorgeous! Oh, and Mary, if you read my blog, I decided against adding the initials mainly due to time constraints.

Blocking the scarf (translates to: handwashing, shaping, air drying)

Casting "Alohomora"

Finished scarf on Sharon!

Close up of scarf.

The report on the week-end...Sharon arrived in the early afternoon on Friday. We went to the Olive Garden for dinner and then to Target because she wanted to get "Ratatouille" (movie) for the kids. Saturday was rainy so we went to the Children's Museum of VA and had dinner at Boston Market. That was fun and you can see photos of our trip on Flickr (right side of my blog page). Sunday, we had a lazy morning and then went to MacArthur Mall to hit: Barnes & Noble for more Christmas gifts for the kids and me from Aunt Sharon (I got Charmed Knits and am already thinking about possibly making the "Molly Weasley Sweater"), Yankee Candle (I had a buy one get one coupon so we split the coupon and the price and each got a new candle!), and then The Body Shop for some body butter for the kids as their skin is super dry now that we are using our heat in the house. Today, again, lazy morning, except that the kids were up at 6:30 but *I* wasn't the one who had to get up with them. Ha! After our grown up breakfast of coffee and pop-tarts, Sharon played games with the kids while I started going through toys in the playroom. It is really a job that is difficult to do when the kids are in my face. I feel bad enough getting rid of toys but when they are crying "Awwww, I looooove that one!" it really doesn't help me get the job finished. In total, I got rid of 1 garbage bag and 1 large box full of toys and there is another small box of things that I'm going to give to family or friends. So, there's the report on the week-end. A nice, fun, girly one - even if it didn't include a trip to a spa or anything super girly like that! (Don't worry, that's coming soon enough!!!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds FUN & BUSY!

Liz said...

Very cool scarf. I knew it was something "Potterish". If it EVER got cold here I'd be jealous. jk

Shannon said...

Liz: well, if it EVER got cold there, I'd make you one!!! I have another idea floating around for you...but it will be awhile, ok? Maybe January or February.