Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All I wanted was a fix

I was talking to Slurpie on the phone around 2:30 and I almost pulled out chicken to defrost for Chicken & Broccoli and then I broccoli! Drats! So, around 4:15 I was walking the dog with the kids and I bribed them that if they would suffer through Chinese take-out tonight, I would let them have really long baths. I called Fortune House at 4:50 only to get the recording that they are closed for renovation! I called my back-up restaurant (China Pavillion? See, I order from there so infrequently that I don't even know the name of the place!) and they didn't deliver. Yeah, go figure. I've felt like holy crud all day so there was no way I was driving somewhere to pick up food. Forget it. I dug around in the freezer and lo and behold, a bag of frozen mixed veggies! Just the ticket. I thawed the chicken in the microwave (I really hate doing that but I was desperate), removed the carrots from the mix (Bird's Eye brand carrots are DISGUSTING) and steamed up the rest...and cooked up my own Chicken & Broccoli (with water chestnuts and edamame to boot!) with the Sun Bird sauce packets I'm now keeping on hand. I made tomato soup for the kids, William and Delaney had hot dogs, too. Just when I was ready to load my plate, I realized I never pushed the "Cook" button on the rice pot. DOH! I sit, an hour later, still waiting for my fix. But, hey, I'm proud of myself for not caving and ordering pizza. I just made a healthier meal and save a bit of dosh as well. Coolio.

The kitchen counter WAS in fact cleaned off today. I offer photographic proof below. I've achieved Domestic Goddess status once again. There are 3 piles in the photo...Delaney's homework/notebook pile, the letters to Santa that need to be scanned and mailed (my scanner broke today, btw), and my to-do lists. At the other end are our daily vitamins, my tea kettle, and our yule log, waiting for yule. So, you see, it's not TOO bad. At least I had a place to make my pumpkin pie this afternoon!

A few other photos...I was finally able to find a Christmas Cactus last week-end. I had a lovely one that I had to give away when we moved to Iceland in 2001. I'm so happy to be a bit more settled and now I'm buying houseplants again. This one is pretty and the photo doesn't quite show the proper colouring. Delaney went around the house taking photos this afternoon. She got a cute one of herself in the mirror and a neat close-up of her snow globe. That's all for today!

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Rose said...

I have been a faithful practitioner of Domestic Anarchy for years now, and I can testify that it works!
However...there are times when you have to cave and actually clean up. Congratulations on your counter! That was my goal for today, too. Shannon 1, Rose 0. Maybe tomorrow...
Hope your turkey day was wonderful, and that you all are feeling better...