Friday, October 12, 2007

What a GREAT day!

I woke up to temps of 52 degrees! I left 3 windows partly open when I went to bed (one in my bedroom, two in the kitchen) so our house was below 70F this morning. I actually slept in a long-sleeve t-shirt and pajama bottoms last night...and didn't sweat! Life is GOOD today. The dog just bugged me to go outside so I went along...watered a few plants...breathed deeply...ahhhh, fall. Crisp, cold air. This has to be my most favourite time of year. I'm so thankful to be living on the east coast again!

No big plans for today. Delaney has picture day at school, so I'll start to get her ready in another hour or so (it's not quite 9 yet and her bus picks her up a little before 11). I have my weekly laundry to do. I *might* try to straighten up the house since it will be a busy week-end...but I'm not killing myself to go about it...because, in all honesty, I'd rather knit. Steve will be on two weeks of leave starting next Tuesday so I'll have plenty of help with kids and house when he's home anyway. ;-)

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