Monday, October 15, 2007

National Folk Festival / Busch Gardens

What a busy week-end! Saturday we went to the National Folk Festival in Richmond...which was ok but not as much fun as it would have been without children in tow. There was a family area so the kids were able to make puppets and hats out of paper bags. I'm sure there was loads of good music going on seeing that there were about 5 different stages. We saw one bluegrass-type band that was great...the kids had fun clapping and dancing to that but we caught it almost at the end of the show so that was disappointing. At the festival, we met up with our friend Rose and her husband, and really, that was the best part of the day for me.

Yesterday we hit Busch Gardens. I'm not convinced the old country looks *just like this* (as I've been told!) but it is a lovely park and we had a great day there. With three little ones, most of our day was spent standing around watching them ride kiddie rides and playing in the climbing area. We weren't able to catch any of the shows...most are geared to Oktoberfest and Halloween we'll have to go back again next summer to see some of those. I was really looking forward to seeing the Irish dancers but that show wasn't even on the schedule. Steve convinced me to take Delaney on the "Big Bad Wolf"...what a mistake. We both hated it. I'm just not a metal roller coaster kind of girl. Give me the old wooden ones any day! This one ripped and jerked around and both of us were pretty much terrified by the time it was over. We all rode the haunted train after the sun went down. That was fun for the kids and honestly, our front yard is scarier than the ride was! After the haunted train, Steve was able to sneak off and ride the Griffin alone. He said it was really cool but you can bet it's not something I'd ever get on.

Today I need to catch up around the house. It's already after 9 a.m. and the kids just got up about 20 minutes ago. I'm signing off to make breakfast and get everyone showered. Delaney has school today so I better get moving!

**Afterpost: I tried to upload some photos but blogger is being a PITA this morning. I'm going to go ahead and publish this and post photos later when I find some time.

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Rose said...

Big Bad Wolf---poor you! Poor Delaney! It terrified me. I have never wished so badly that I could go back in time...back before I got on that blasted ride. I wasn't sure I'd live through it. Sorry I didn't warn you. I'm VERY sorry!