Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ok...I KNOW I still don't have the NY photos uploaded to Flickr (or Kodak Gallery for those of you who've asked). I can't even begin to tell you how busy we've been or what goes on "behind the scenes". We've attended 2 kid birthday parties in 2 days. I've been cooking up a storm (applesauce, pearsauce, apple butter, creamy Icelandic fish soup) and from scratch at that. Phew! Yesterday afternoon we got the call that my bike was finally done. Woo-hoo! So, that took a good hour and a half out of the early evening. We didn't even eat dinner until almost 7:00 p.m.

Today: ugh. Who the heck knows. The rain has stopped. Steven wants to go ride bikes. My house is utterly and completely OUT OF CONTROL so I feel a bit of pressure to get this mess taken care of. It's hard having him home 24/7. He really throws off my groove (not to mention my knitting time!). Not complaining, though, it's nice to have the extra help with the kids.

Tinna was stung by a bee on her forehead on Friday morning. Saturday morning her forehead, eyes, and nose area were completely swollen. She looks quite freaky...I'll put a picture below. Steve took her to an after-hours clinic yesterday and they said she's fine. It's not an allergy, just that when the bee venom gets in the sinus cavity, that's how the face reacts. So, we are keeping her pumped full of Benedryl. The fun never ends!

Here are a few photos to tide you over until I can sit down for a longer period of time and upload the others. Delaney reading to Steve. Apple butter. Tinna's swollen face. Handsome Henry. My new bike. William whacking a pinata. Creamy Icelandic Fish Soup.

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Anonymous said...

So glad that you all came to Evan's birthday party! Gosh, it was busy but, fun! Thanks to Steve for helping... I think if I was the only one I would have been so lost & going crazy!