Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nothing exciting here

Another post guessed it...nothing. Or, at least nothing important, in all honesty. The twinkies went to school this morning. Delaney and I went for groceries. After she got on the bus, I putzed around online for a little while and then decided to start cleaning my room. Yuck. There is still stuff on our dressers that was never put away when we unpacked our moving boxes. It's little stuff like jewelry and pictures...things that need places. I made a start on the armoire that holds the tv. I was to the point where I could dust it and then it was time to leave to go get the twins. I guess I might work on the room some more this afternoon. I'm beginning to have a vision for the room, finally. "Groovy" is the only word that comes to mind. I'm planning on putting our two lava lamps on the top of the armoire...maybe finding a tapestry for the wall behind our bed. Love beads on the door. (Ok, not really, that was to see if you are paying attention!) There are plans in my head to find a big 27" lava lamp. I originally saw one on EastEnders months ago and knew I could buy it online but now I've seen them at our Spencer's so that might be a yule gift to myself this year. There is something very relaxing about lava lamps. I can just sit and stare and not think about anything else in the world. Love them.

There's not much going on today. I'm waiting for the week-end to get here...seems like it's taking forever this week. Saturday we are thinking to go up to Richmond for the National Folk Festival and meet up with Rose. Sunday might find us at Busch-Gardens. I'll post pictures if it works out. I'm feeling a bit "off" today, so I'm hoping there's no flu on the horizon...'cause that's kind of how I'm feeling. Yucky with a "can't quite put my finger on it" feeling.

Right now, it's lunchtime. If anything super exciting happens, I'll make another post later today.

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