Monday, October 01, 2007

New stuff around here

We were going to go up to Williamsburg this either the Scottish Highland Games or Busch Gardens...but we tabled both ideas when Delaney woke up talking like a frog on Saturday morning. She's been fighting a cold all week and it finally got the best of her. We went to a cook-out Friday night with a bunch of people from Steve's work and the kids were up until at least 10:30, which is rare, so I think that just wore her out completely. Our week-end was spent doing odd jobs around the house...and that was OK by me. We need some time here at home, and in all honesty, we could probably use a few MORE days here to complete everything that has now been started.

For instance: the kitchen ceiling light, the front yard Halloween decorations, the new screen door on the backside of the house, the new plant screen...the boxes of now unpacked Halloween junk that are littering my upstairs (FROG room) and stairway. I won't bore you with more, because the list goes on and on.

Let's start at the beginning. The kitchen ceiling light - installed but not wired. Steve has the wire now and the correct electrical boxes. So, maybe next week-end? Maybe...I think the idea of Busch Gardens is still in the works. Halloween decorations - we have at least one more prop to add this year so that might get done one night this week. As for the boxes, who knows. New screen door - YES! - I now have a screen door off the family room. An old fashioned wooden one that SLAMS when it closes. Very nice but it has no handle on the outside. I think Steve is going to do that tonight. Still, fresh air all through the house now. I love VA. It's so much nicer than FL for this very reason! (Sorry Liz and Debbie W. - I still love you both!) New plant screen - this is something Auntie Lori gave me at least 10 years ago, maybe longer now that I think about it. When she gave it to me, my life was in such transition/turmoil, I really didn't have a need for I shoved it under my bed at my dad's house until "someday" came. "Someday" has finally arrived. We put it together this week-end and it is beautiful. I filled a few pots with pansies yesterday and put our chairs near it (for those of you who have been in my yard, we used to have the chairs down by the they are up at the other end closer to the grill and the backdoor) and it makes a nice area for us to relax.

So, after all of that work and the 2 3 hour trips to Home Depot and Lowe's this week-end...I forgot to mention that my husband cleaned out our rain gutters on Saturday. I started raking the pine straw into a pile and had the idea that I would rake the whole yard. Oh man, what a mistake. WHO THE HELL EVER INVENTED PINE TREES ANYWAY??? We raked all darn day! And there is still a bunch of the stuff in the yard. It will be nice when we can afford to have the pine trees removed. I still love pines but I really hate pine straw.

I think that about sums it up. Very busy stay-at-home week-end. The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS again. Low-mid 70's and very little humidity. I think it is supposed to be in the 80's by mid-week, so that will suck, but it's better than 90's so I'll take it.

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You inspired me to blog on here more. So this is now my veggie blog.