Thursday, September 27, 2007

Of picnics and firefighters

We went to Steve's command picnic yesterday. Out of about 5,000 people, there were only a few hundred there at best. There was a bounce house and bounce slide for the little kids. The food was fine. Lots of grown up games: tug-o-war, flag football, sumo wrestling, sumo boxing, volleyball, softball, dunk tank, etc. Our kids had a great time...mostly because they had unlimited access to the bounce house and all of the snow cones and cotton candy they could eat! I sat in the shade most of the day as it was just a little too hot and humid for me. All in all, it was fun.

After dinner, we went over to the high school so the kids could watch the girls field hockey team. They are pretty good and beat Deep Creek 7-0 (my count, but we got there a bit late so it may have been higher). Delaney sat with a big girl who's sister plays on the team...the big girl told her all of the players names and numbers and by the end of the game, Delaney was yelling "GO BRUINS! Go Anna!" who is now her favourite player. =)

Today, the twins had their very first field trip. They walked from the YMCA to the fire station next door. Very cute. When they walk, they all hold onto a rope. I have lots of pictures, I'll try to upload them to my Flickr account (click the Flickr badge on the right hand side of this page) I had a little bit of time to myself this morning, but not a lot. I actually wasted it by watching TV. I love the show "Everything Must Go" on BBC America and it just happened to be on at the same time I was plopping my butt down. Yay!

Later today: dinner, Kindermusik classes, and "Wicked Fiber Artists" meeting for me at 7. Phew! It's another l-o-n-g day again.

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