Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New photos on Flickr!

Finally! I spent the afternoon uploading photos to Flickr. I actually had to purchase an account because I hit my upload limit on my free one. SO...now there are 2 new sets of photos for you. "NY Trip" and "Our Enchanted Forest"

My day didn't quite go as planned. Last night I realized the twinkies were having a Halloween party at school today and I had volunteered to bring something. The problem was, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to bring! I sent an email to the teacher and she called me around 9:40 last night. That meant I had to change my grocery plans because I wouldn't have enough time to get to Food Lion to pick up juice boxes then run back to the YMCA then to the Commissary then back home to meet Delaney's bus. In the end, we did juice boxes, a stop by JoJack's (coffee house) for a chai latte, back to the Y, then back home.

I had planned on cleaning the family room and the playroom today. As a matter of fact, around 11 when Delaney got on the bus, I was full of energy. I spent it upstairs in the attic and FROG because that area really needs some attention. Maybe I'll catch a second wind tonight and can at least get the playroom picked up for our company tomorrow morning (Ashley and her kids).

Cowboy beans for dinner tonight. After last night's fiasco, I needed a TNT (tried-n-true) to carry me through. It's cold, too. When I got up this morning temps were in the low 40's. We could see our breath on the way to school! So...a nice hot pot of cowboy beans and some hot bread will hit the spot. Yumm. Yumm.

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Anonymous said...

Garlic last night...cowboy beans tonight! Glad I am not the one coming to visit tomorrow! :) (Good luck Ash!)