Monday, September 17, 2007

Robots, math, and other fun stuff

Here's how my morning is starting out...

Delaney: "Mom, are robots real?"
Me: "Well, robots are machines that are created to do jobs. So, yeah, they are real. But they don't walk around like the ones on the Jetson's."
Delaney: "Oh. Can I make one?"
Me: "Sure, someday. You'll need some math and science behind you before you do that, though."
Delaney: "I already know math."
Me: "You know some math. There's a lot more you can learn."
Delaney: "No, mom. I already know math. 5 times 20 is 100."
Me: "Wow. You really do know math. But there's still a lot more you can learn."

And then it went on from there (mainly a discussion and explanation about how to multiply 11's) while I stood flabberghasted by a daughter who knows math at 5 that I was still struggling to learn in 6th grade. Thank you, "School House Rock"!

We had a nice week-end. Steve was busy at work all day Saturday but Lori, Ty, and Kirin came to visit. They played for awhile then I took them to Steve's ship for a tour and dinner. The kids had such a good time playing together and I'm sad I live so far away from home...but I'm also happy that I'm closer to home (ok, I'm pisces, remember?!) because I've seen Lori and Kirin twice in the past two months and before that, I hadn't seen her since Kirin was born in 2003.

The weather this week-end was bloody GORGEOUS. It was similar to San Diego. Low humidity, temps in the 70's. We opened the windows in our house for the first time! (And had discussions about installing screen doors because they are non-existant at the moment) The kids played out almost all day yesterday. Steve cleaned the turtle tank while I did some laundry. After that, we started cleaning out the pool a bit. Took a break from that to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. The kids love it there but I think it is a huge waste of money. Still, I had a coupon for discounted lunch and tokens so we went. Everyone had fun, even me. =) After that we stopped by Michaels because they had some collage picture frames on sale and I've been eyeing those up for awhile. At $4.00 each, I just couldn't resist. We got back home from Michaels and finished up what we could of the pool. I moved all of the pool chemicals out to the shed and rearranged out there while Steven took the kids for a bike ride. Then it was dinner, baths, and bed. It was a big, beautiful week-end. Couldn't have been much better.

So, now you are wanting to see the pictures. Here you go!

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