Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Poop happens?

A mother's life is just NEVER dull, is it?

I was sitting here at the dining room table a little while ago reading some blogs and I noticed William crawling under but I didn't stop to think much of it. The kids are often crawling around pretending to be doggies or kitties so it's normal for this house. Quietly, I hear Will say "There's poot under the table." Almost a whisper that I could barely hear so I say "What?" William: "There's poot under the table." One thing you need to know about William is that he has a bit of difficulty speaking. It is difficult to understand him sometimes. P's and F's are often the same, as are S's and D's. So, I say "What, William? There's poop under the table?" Almost a "mmm hmmm" like I do when I'm trying to concentrate on what I'm reading but really trying to ignore whatever the kid is saying to me. Will says "Yes. Poot." I said "Oh, FOOD, under the table." Can you see this reasoning? It's a DINING ROOM TABLE, so it would make sense now that he is saying FOOD! Will "Nooo. Poot." Me, really paying attention now: "Poop?" Will: "Yes! Poot." Me, really not believing this is what he is saying: "Poop! How did poop get under the table? DID YOU POOP UNDER THE TABLE?" and he stands up holding up his arms which have poop spots on them! YUCK. What did I do to deserve this???

Needless to say, I've picked up the poop, washed the poop out of his shirt and now William is in the bathtub. It was bath night anyway but I didn't think it would be starting so early in the evening!


Aunt Lori said...

You cleaned up poot, I cleaned up puke. Dare I ask which is the lesser evil? Where the hell is that Calgon!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Puke is m-u-c-h better to clean than poot! Most times now Delaney makes it into a bucket or the bathroom.

What's up with that Calgon anyway? It NEVER works like it did on those damn commercials years ago!!!