Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Big Boris and Fairies

Not much news today. I spent all morning sorting and discarding old paperwork. What packrats we are! I'm still not finished with everything but I'm very determined to get this all under control NOW, almost as if my mental well-being depends on it. I simply cannot live a cluttered life any longer.

This afternoon was craft time at the library. The kids made paper plate fish with markers and foamie stickers. Then we went shopping for groceries where I picked up a really cool solar fairy & mushroom light. I know it wasn't a necessity but I've been eyeing it up for 2 months now and the price finally fell dramatically. End of summer stock, I guess. So...I treated myself. It looks very cute with my trolls and other mushrooms out front.

The orb spider in the yard has obviously captured my attention. I went out to check him again today...he's still here...we had some pretty bad storms Sunday night and I thought that might have washed him away, but no, he's hanging around so I guess he likes us pretty well. Today we saw a new spider in the yard (the photo didn't turn out as he was just too small) and I guess it reminded the kids of Big Boris so we went to check on him. I decided to take a photo of him with my finger in the photo as a point of reference. My left index finger is 3 1/4" long from tip to base (lowest knuckle) and now you have a way to judge his size. I was half afraid he'd jump and bite my finger off while I was shooting the photo! Ick. He still makes the skin on my head itch.

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