Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When a wino goes too far

THIS is what happens when a person gets too excited about opening a bottle of Barefoot White Zinfindel...

It's very painful. Don't ask how. When I was pushing down on the little "arms" of the corkscrew, I noticed that it was having trouble pulling the cork out of the wine bottle. So I shoved harder. That's when I felt the god-awful searing pain and realized that my finger was probably part of the reason why I couldn't get the cork out! Did I stop popping out the cork to get a bandaid? HELL NO!!! Now that, my friends, is a sign of a true alcoholic.

Craft day at the library. Photo below. Tomorrow it's Wildlife Animal day. Maybe I'll have some cute pictures from that. The things in this picture are magnetic bookmarks. They fold over the top of a page and are secured by the magnets on the back of the bookmark. That tall thing on Delaney's bookmark is a flower, by the way. Tinna did a pretty good job trying to make a rainbow like Delaney. William...well...William's looks like typical William art.

At lunch today I had to separate Tinna and William because they constantly touch each other and fight at the table. I originally moved William to Delaney's side of the table and thought all would be solved. Ha, NOT! All 3 kids are convinced that they need to sit like this for every meal from now on. Tomorrow will be one sad day full of crying when they realize they won't get away with it any longer.

2 chairs, 3 kids.

I'm writing this tonight from the LoveSac (yes, it's called a LoveSac) - see for yourself... http://www.lovesac.com/ The LoveSac is kept in our family room in front of the TV...all three kids can fit on it or Steve and I can fit on it together. Some nights, it's nice to sleep in but tonight, I'm getting ready to watch "Notes on a Scandal" with Judi Dench (another fave!!!) and Cate Blanchette. The previews looked pretty good so I ordered it on Pay Per View. I'm really not in the habit of watching that many movies and now that Gilmore Girls is off-air, I really only watch EastEnders on Sunday nights and Survivor when it is on. Anyway...this is just something to occupy my time until Harry Potter comes out in 3 days.

Harry. I can't believe it's the end of the series. Whatever shall we do?!


Aunt Lori said...

Do you remember anything about the movie you purchased on pay-per-view after downing that bottle of wine? By the way, your AA meeting starts tonight at 8 p.m. Here's the link for the nearest chapter:

Shannon said...

What can I say? I DO NOT HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM. (Isn't denial the first red flag?) Honestly, I only had 2 small glasses of the stuff. It helps dull the pain of listening to screaming children all day.

Anyway...yes...the movie was...ummm...not quite what I expected. Good, but different. It showed me Judi Dench in a completely new light. Man, can that woman act! Did you ever read John Fowles "The Collector"? Sort of like that but women.